The following videos show two excursions in the BIL programme!

Morocco Excursion (course: Engineering in Land and Water Management – SLM20306):








Limburg Excursion (course: Design in Land and Water Management 1 – SLM10806):

Below are a few more videos related to International Land & Water Management which will give you a more accurate idea of what this study is all about. If you have any informative videos you’d like to see up here send us an e-mail with a YouTube link!

Farmer Innovation in Santiago, Cape Verde (03:57)Farmer innovation in Serra Malagueta, Santiago, Cape Verde. Examples of drip irrigation, fog collection nets, and a glass bottle insulation wall.
Soil Conservation (02:30)Combatting soil erosion is a common practice for farmers utilizing filter strips, notill, and other conservation procedures. See how farmers are making a difference for the environment.
Wastewater Recycling in Jordan (04:11)Examples of how reclaimed water can be used for industry, agriculture, and landscaping.
Rain Water Harvesting (01:31)Video about rainwater harvesting.
Water Management on the Rhine (08:18)Video on water management in the Rhine river. Information on water treatment, river basin management, biodiversity, and international cooperation.
Harvesting Water DVD – The Swale Plume (01:38)A Swale Plume clip in action from Geoff Lawton’s DVD “Harvesting Water – The Permaculture Way.” More information at Flashtoonz Films and at the Permaculture Research Institute.
Chikkegowdanahundi (03:57)Visit to the small village Chikkegowdanahundi behind Chamundi Hill south of Mysore in India.
Soil Quality, Conservation, and Food Production (23:51)Video on improving soil quality, reducing soil erosion and the impact soil has on feeding the world.
Building a Centre-Pivot Irrigation System (02:52)Time-lapse video of the construction of a centre-pivot irrigation system.
Wastewater Treatment (08:55)Video about wastewater treatment in Greece.