Symposium 2018

On the 23th of May 2018 the Business Commitee again will organize our symposium. This year the subject will be urban water management, an interesting detour from the agricultural focus of Wageningen. Students from all study programmes are invited to join us on this occasion!

With more than half of the world population living in cities now and the prospect of a further 2.5 billion urban dwellers in 2050, water management in these cities is ever important for a safe future. Global warming is causing more extreme periods of drought and rainfall and the threat of rising seas in coastal areas affect many cities. Water managers worldwide are already implementing solutions, while others are still far away. Blue Solutions for the urban environment presents projects of today and strives to create those of the future.

The subject of this symposium is blue solutions for the urban environment. Experts in their field will give lectures and workshops on the subject of urban water management. Speakers from different backgrounds will be present, both private and governmental, allowing a multi-faceted view on the problems and solutions of urban water management. Students from all universities, Bachelor or Masters, are welcome to join us for this event!

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