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The International Land and Water Management programme focuses on scientific analysis of the physical, technical and socio-economic aspects of land and water management. Another important aspect is the ability to design sustainable and efficient technical structures in land and water management which are appropriate to the relevant agro-ecological and socio-economic environment.

The programme pays attention to land and water management at different scales, to interactive approaches with actors at the respective levels, and to the institutional aspects and multifaceted consequences of interventions. Students in the programme develop comparative insight into the development of land and water management, take an academic approach to various research paradigms and acquire a problem-oriented, interdisciplinary attitude towards land and water management and rural development issues.

The programme is intended for agriculturists, soil scientists and hydrologists who want to pursue careers in agricultural development and planning and in the conservation and maintenance of land and water resources.

The entire programme (required courses) in the bachelor programme (BIL) per academic year:
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

In the Master programme (MIL) there are three specialisations available:

  • Land Degradation and Development
  • Irrigation and Water Management
  • Adaptive Water Management

The entire programme for these specialisations in the MIL can be found here:
Years 1 & 2

Central Pivot Irrigation system near Albacete, Spain.
Click here for a videao of the Excursion Spain October 2017, 2nd year BSc Students


During the BSc and MSc years there are numerous excursions to places in and around  Wageningen and other locations in The Netherlands.

In the second year the BSc students will visit Spain, Portugal or Kreta during a two weeks excursion to experience land and water management problems in real life. For the MSc students there is also a practical in Spain.

This and more information about the study can be found at the university website for both prospective Bachelor and Master students. If you have comments or questions about our study programme you can always contact the Education Committee.

For more impressions have a look at a few other videos related to International Land & Water Management.

For more information contact one of our study advisors:
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