Nitocran of the month!

Our new Nitocran of the Month is….


Silke Nauta and Jicke Dröge!

Sometimes you need people who stand up when stuff has to be done. For the Limburg excursion of the first-year BILlers these two took up the job of doing groceries, organise the cooking and make sure everyone paid for their part. Many others jumped in, but without these two heroes, it wouldn’t have been as much a succes. Thank you two a lot!


Paul Torfs

Since last week it is possible to vote on your favourite teacher. As you can choose between many different teachers we want to help you out. Therefore we want you te advice to vote on Paul Torfs! His small posture, his mighty voice and his dry jumor makes it great to listen to his lectures. Also he helped us several times with our Rhine excursion. You can vote via this link (you have three votes in total, so you can also vote on all the other great teachers from our study)


Alexander de Ruijter

After 26 months of fun with Nitocra, this man finally became a member. You will probably recognize him because he joined so many of our great activities. But he never subscribed, what a shame! Now he did it we can look him in the eyes again.



Jan Jaap Stam

You don’t want to be chased by this guy! This summer he participated the Eiger Ultra Trail. If you aren’t impressed, here are the factss: 101 kilometres of running, 6700 climbing meters and he achieved this with a knee injurie. Wow!




Nitocran of the month June:

Amber van den Tillaard!

In the beginning of this year Amber visited Vietnam to work at the World Agroforestry Centre. She collected a lot of data of tea plants in order to add her resultos to the international database of the World Agroforestry Centre, since this tea plant wasn’t part of their database yet. Now all over the world her dataset can be used.

The university was really enthusiastic about her project and selected her for the Student Research Conference 2015. During this conference the best bachelor thesis will be selected. We are very proud that Amber has been asked for this and we hope she will win!

You can read the abstract of her Thesis on this site at the internship page.


Nitocran of the Month May:

Jelle hofstra!

During the board change a lot of other boards joined the party, not only to congratulate the new board members but also to steal our presents and even more important…. our guestbook.

This guestbook was heavily protected by our new Nitocran of the Month. It was a though job and he had to withstand many attacks. In the picture you can see a lot of nasty people trying to get his jacket (the guestbook). But Jelle and more important the guestbook surived.

Great job!!

Nitocran of the month April:

Peter van der Heide

On the 5th of April he and his team from Argo won the Varsity! After a very exiting match in the morning which Peter’s team won, they went to the finals. They had the 4th time of the morning match so it would be a thrilling final. It was a game of 2 km and at 1500 meter they already thought they had won, but in the last 500 meters they almost gave their first place away, like OMG!!! Luckily they didn’t and won the Varsity!


Nitocran of the month February:

Aniek is not just a normal Biller, but one with a lot of perseverance, energy and strength. She already became Dutch youth champion climbing in 2013 and 2014 and last month she even participated in the iceclimbing world cup in Switzerland! Nitocra is very proud to have such a successful sportswoman as an active member of our association and we hope that in the future, she will become the first Biller to win a world championship!