Lustrum agenda

Below, a comprehensive overview of the different lustrum activities is given. Please note that in the sections below, reference is made to two different Google forms (the gala dinner and event attendance). For some events, like the excursion and barbecue, it is obliged to sign up through these forms if you want to join. We’ll use this information you provide to make sure sufficient resources like food, drinks and space are available for each event.



Gala dinner: please sign up!
At April 13nd, in addition to the regular curriculum, a gala dinner is organised at the Poorthuis. For a price of 20 euros, you will get a 7-course surprise dinner prior to the gala in de Blaauwe Kamer. Only 50 places are available for this event, and it is possible to eat fully vegetarian. You can subscribe by filling out this form. Please note that this is a different form than the form above!
Where & when: The Poorthuis, Beuningstraat 1, Wageningen. 18:00 – 19:30

This lustrums’ gala, the official opening of the lustrum week, will be held in de Blaauwe Kamer, in a former stone factory amidst the equally named nature reserve area southwest of Wageningen. Included in this night is unlimited beer, wine and soda, and the live performances of two bands and a DJ. The first band to play this night is Pyramid, a four-headed rock cover band from Utrecht. A band with a rough edge and solid base, not afraid to rock the stage. A band destined to entertain and loosen your tongue. Our second performance this evening will be the band I’m with stupid, also from Utrecht. In the genre ska, reggae and funk, this band will provide a musical cocktail that will make your feet barely touch the floor. After the gala there will be an afterparty in de Dokter. See the gala page for more information.
Where & when: Panorama Restaurant de Blaauwe Kamer, Blaauwe Kamer 14, Wageningen. April 13th, 20:00 – 00:30
Afterparty at The Doctor, Markt 14, Wageningen

On April 18th, in the first break after the Easter weekend, a lunch is organised, as BIL and MIL students need to be fed abundantly to support their brilliant ideas.
Where & when: WUR, Forum building, room C103. April 18th 12:30 – 13:30

In the afternoon of April 18th, a sporty heptathlon is organised. Play 7 subsequent games and sports in a team of your choice, to strengthen you position for the finale game! At each game, a piece of equipment can be won that might aid in winning the final round and gain eternal glory!
Where & when: WUR, field between Forum and Atlas. April 18th 15:30 – 18:30

After a lunch and sports program in the afternoon, a series of workshops will take place in the evening. For example, workshops on music instruments, beer tasting, Pokemon training and Latin dancing are all included in the workshop programme.
Where & when: WUR, Forum building. April 18th 19:30 – 21:30

Excursions: please sign up!
On the 19th of April we will organise two excursions. If you would like to join either of these excursions, please sign up for it using the Google form located here! It’s up to you which of the two excursions grabs your interest more. Both excursions have limited space, so the first to signup is the first to choose.

The first excursion will go to Nijmegen, where we will visit a project called ‘Ruimte voor de Waal’, an area where the dikes have been placed further inland to create a larger floodplain. This project was developed as result of the floods in the late nineties and is supposed to prevent another flooding. The main group will be leaving from bus stop Campus/Atlas at 11.30. However you can also meet us at the Lentse Waranda at 13:00. The excursion will take around 2 hours and don’t forget to put on some proper outdoor shoes.
Where & when: pickup& return at bus stop Campus/Atlas,Wageningen. April 19th 11:30 – 17:00

The second excursion is bound for the Water Management Centre of Rijkswaterstaat (the executive force of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment). Rijkswaterstaat is 24 hours per day concerned with the maintenance of the Dutch roads and waterways, and ensures our national flood protection by building dikes.
Where & when: pickup& return at WUR, Forum building,Wageningen. April 20th 12:30 – 17:30

At April 20th, an international dinner and barbecue will be organised. Acquaint yourself with food from different cultures and submerge into an international pool during this dinner! Also for this dinner it is possible to eat fully vegetarian. Signing up for vegetarian can be done in the Google form mentioned above.
Where & when: Duivendaal, Costerweg 50, Wageningen. April 20th 18:00 – 21:00

Students vs. staff: Pub quiz
After the barbeque, a trivia quiz will be organised, where the educational team of our study will battle ferociously against the students! The presentation of this evening is in the hands of some of our professors, among others dr. ir. van Oel.
Where & when: Onder de Linden, Haagsteeg 16, Wageningen. April 20th 21:00 – 23:00

On the final day of the lustrum, a symposium will be held in the buildings Lumen and Gaia of our university. This event includes free coffee, tea and lunch and will be chock-full with interesting lectures and workshops from the land and water management sector, both public and private. The opening speaker of the symposium will be Peter Glas, dike-warden (‘dijkgraaf’) to the water board de Dommel, and president to the OECD Water Governance Initiative. Furthermore, companies including Arcadis, Starthub, Eleaf, Acacia Water and Commonland will speak at our symposium. The symposium will be closed with a drink, including an opportunity to acquaint various water professionals. See the symposium page for more information. Pleae indicate here whether you intend to attend only the morning, only the afternoon, or the whole day program.
Where & when: WUR, Gaia and Lumen buildings, Droevendaalsesteeg 3, Wageningen. April 21th 09:00 – 18:00

Open party
After the symposium, the lustrum week will close with an open party: Nitocra’s birthday garden party. Dress up like a horticulturist or gardener, to make this birthday party what this lustrum is all about: Green Happiness. Water is free of charge and beer will only be €2!
Where & when: The Doctor, Markt 14, Wageningen. April 21th 20:00 – closing