Lustrum tickets



All-inclusive tickets: € 65,-
Gala-only ticket: € 35,-
Exclusive ticket (all activities but gala and symposium): € 20,-
Symposium-only ticket: € 10,- (members)
Symposium-only ticket: € 25,- (non-member students & WUR staff from SLM, WRM, GRS and HWM)
Symposium-only ticket: € 75,- (other)


At this moment, the deadline for ticket sale has passed for Nitocra members. For non-members and staff, the subscription is still open until April 13nd.

If you did subscribe, but did not fill out the direct debit form for withdrawal around April 9, it is still possible to participate by transferring money yourself. In this case, payment is registration. For more information, please send an email to