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At the last day of the Nitocra lustrum week, the 21st of April from 09:00 – 18:00, a symposium will be held in the Lumen and Gaia buildings of the WUR. This symposium will be chock-full with interesting lectures and workshops from the land and water management sector, both public and private. The symposium will be closed with a drink, including an opportunity to acquaint various water professionals.

Among others, representatives of eLEAF, Starthub, Acacia Water, Commonland, Wateropleidingen, Arcadis, Wetskills, Sweco and the OECD Water Governance Initiative will be present in a day full of presentations and workshops. Dike-warden Peter Glas, former chair of the Dutch Water Authorities and present chair of water board De Dommel will open the symposium. In addition to this, more names are yet to be announced! The symposium will be closed with a drink. Drinks and lunch are provided!


Opening speaker Peter Glas

The world is changing more rapidly than ever before. Climate change and water crises are ranked among the top global risks and viewed as the biggest threats our planet faces today. The demand for innovative and interdisciplinary solutions is high, and they are needed in order to cope with global warming, resource scarcity and food security issues. Slogans such as more crop per drop and the idea that we have to re-green our world by fighting deforestation, desertification and over-exploitation are popularized. Sustainable and efficient land and water use for a greener, safer and happier world seems to be striven for. But the question is: what can we do to help turn this image of “Green Happiness” into a reality?

Confirmed participants



 Teaser: Commonland



The problem of land degradation and the potential of landscape restoration is one of the great societal challenges of our time. Urgency of this issue asks for scalable approaches to address global land restoration goals.

Dr. Simon Moolenaar is an expert in sustainable soil and land management.

As Head of Science & Education at Commonland he works at the interfaces between academia, business, governmental  and non-governmental organizations. The goal of Commonland is to realize large-scale landscape restoration projects with local farmers, land-users and experts, based on sustainable business cases. Commonland has developed a practical holistic approach to involve business in landscape restoration based on sustainable business models that generate 4 returns®: return of inspiration, return of social capital, return of natural capital, and return of financial capital. To optimize these 4 returns®, we apply a 3 zones landscaping principle to every landscape restoration master plan, for a period of 20 years. These 3 zones are: a natural zone, agro-forestry or combined zone and an economic zone.

Simon will share our approach, our challenges and some of our lessons learned from restoration projects in South Africa, Australia and Spain.

Also he will share ideas about setting up education for the next restoration generation.

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