s.v. Nitocra has many committees that, often together, organise many events and offer services for all our members. Look below for all our committees and their members.


The Business committee looks for contact with companies that want to be noted by students of International Land and Water Management, both BSc as MSc. We offer great promotion deals and our aim is to build a strong network that our students can consult when looking for internship, thesis or job opportunities. Off course we also enjoy attending symposia with fellow Nitocrans!

Jan Kleijn (Chair)
Brent Vermolen (Secretary)
Aoife Ossendorp (Treasurer)
Stijn Hekhuis
Noa Tabak


The Creacie is the committee that makes sure that every Nitocran can express their creativity. They organise music nights and all kind of workshops.

Renee van Dam (Chair)
Eveline Nales (Secretary)
Casper Kersten (Treasurer)
Robin Zwartsenberg (Head of promotion)
Paul Bruggemans
Halima Tantawy
Wout Veelenturf


The Education committee intervenes in study developments, organizes educational and study related activities. They organize excursions, walk-along days, informative talks about minors, stages and other study related topics, and they are responsible for course evaluations. The commission forms a bridge between students and teachers. And in the past it has been proven to be very useful!

David Mornout (Chair)
Inge de Willigen (Secretary)
Tijmen Remijnse (Treasurer)
Lisanne Treskes (Head of promotion)
Thomas Westhoff
Emese Witte
Emmy Que


The foodcie is Nitocra’s most tasty committee. Every year, we organise activities in which we combine Nitocra’s famous sociability with great food. Being in the foodcie doesn’t mean being able to cook all meals in a delicious way, but liking to cook and sharing with others!

Boaz Gianotten (Chair)
Tom Winter (Secretary)
Nonna Joosse (Treasurer)
Esmee de Quant (Head of promotion)
Joshua van Blaaderen



The Sensacie makes sure all Nitocrans are able to relax in between the studying and the busy student life. Parties, drinks, movies: it’s all part of their reportaire with the aim of enhancing the social cohesion between all Nitocra members.

Jelle Boorsma (Chair)
Beren Rijksen (Treasurer)
Tara Duijm (Head of promotion)
Myrthe Dol
Koen Exterkate
Jeroen van Hees


The Sportcie keeps our members healthy! They organize many events and occasionally even participate in races like the Batavierenrace.

Thomas Westhoff Chair)
Tim Versteege (Secretary)
Esmee de Quant (Treasurer)
Tijmen Remijnse (Head of promotion)
Noa Tabak
Anniek Vos


The Up-to-datecie, Nitocra’s youngest committee, are the managers of the Nitocra-app and provide articles for the Nitopress. In the Nitopress, we hope to give you new insights behind the scenes of Nitocra and its members. Additionally, all promotion posters and pictures will be made by us. You will see us at most events for the documentation of all amazing events that will be organised in the future.

Kiki van Setten (Chair)
Britt van Zelst
Kira van Roosmalen
Boaz Gianotten
Sophie Slingerland
Lars Wullink



The Master committee organizes extra events for Msc students. The master program has a lot more international students and the events organized by the Master committee makes it possible to explore different sides of the world, simply by talking to your classmates.

Noor Hendriks (Chair)
Dante (Treasurer)
Maike Brinksma (Head of promotion)
Simone van Langen
Hester Koning
Sarah Wright
Pepijn van Loon

Temporal committees
Besides the committees listed above, Nitocra has some temporal committees that are restarted every year. These are the Freshmen committee, the ILW committee (International Land and Water management committee), the Reiscie and the Parents-day committee. Three are currently active:


The Freshmancie organises the freshman weekend for all first year Bachelor International Land and Water Management students.

Martijn de Leeuw (Chair)
Jesse Frunt (Secretary)
Jelle Boorsma (Treasurer)
Sofia Uytendaelle (Head of promotion)
Renee ten Dam
Dirk Beukers
Mathijs Augustijn
Lieke Stark


The Galacie organises the annual s.v. Nitocra gala.

Job Brom (Chair)
Kristie Swinkels (Secretary)
Tim Elbers (Treasurer)
Ines Kodde (Head of promotion)
Rosanne Bartholomeus (Head of location)
Silke Nauta


Organises the annual s.v. Nitocra hitchhike weekend.

Jesse Frunt (Chair)
Niels Verouden (Treasurer)
Koen Exterkate
Lise Hofland
Eva Thijs


The ILWcie organises the annual International Land and Water Management weekend for all the members of s.v. Nitocra.

Job Brom (Chair)
Gert Versteeg (Secretary)
Kristie Swinkels (Treasurer)
Brent Vermolen
Iris Boone
Joris Bekedam van Eck


This is the one and only s.v. Nitocra lustrum committee! This committee is dedicated to turning Nitocra’s birthday into a week full of inspiring events, showering you in engaging activities and plunging you into the wonderful world of the upcoming Nitocra lustrum week in 2022. We hope to see you there!

Frederick de Raat (Chair)
Vincent van der Linden (Secretary)
Marco Laan (Treasurer)
Moon Weijens (Commissioner of internal affairs)
Carlotta Koumans (Commissioner of external affairs)


Parentsday committee
Organises the annual s.v. Nitocra parents-day.

Inge de Wiligen
Thomas Westhoff
Nick Olivier
Jens Visser